History of the Academy

History of the Alabama Academy of Science

The Alabama Academy of Science was organized in Mobile in 1924 with 40 charter members representing academic and governmental interests in science. In 2005 the membership consisted of more than 600 persons from all parts of the state. As science and technology have developed over the years, the Academy has broadened its activities and its influence, especially in research and education.

In 1930 it began publishing the Journal of the Alabama Academy of Science, and in 1933 it established the Alabama Junior Academy of Science. In 1946 it started a scholarship program, and in 1954 the Academy undertook to sponsor several regional science fairs. A new visiting scientist program for high schools started in 1985, in 1989 a Science Teacher Fellowship was instigated, and in 1990 the Science Olympiad began. Since 1927 the Academy has been affiliated with the American Association for the Advancement of Science.

Here is a look back at the history of the Academy from a document originally published in 1963:

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