Alabama’s Oldest Science Organization

Thanks to everyone who was a part of our very successful 2017 AAS/AJAS/Gorgas Meeting at the University of South Alabama this year! We want to thank in particular, Dr. Edward O. Wilson, for delivering our Keynote address. That address is here in its entirety for those who missed it or want to use it for educational purposes.

We are so proud of the 2017 winners!

Competition Winners Tabulated

Objectives of The Academy

The objectives of the Academy are to:

  • Promote the development of interest in scientific matters in the state,
  • Provide means for publication of papers and abstracts,
  • Provide opportunity for increased cooperation and fellowship among its members,
  • Cooperate with other organizations having similar aims,
  • Render public service in scientific matters,
  • Promote the interest in and study of science by the youth of Alabama,
  • Provide for and award scholarships to deserving youth of Alabama.

In fulfilling these objectives, the Alabama Academy of Science is devoted to nearly all aspects of science and science education. We invite you to join in our programs and support our activities.